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Hello, I am Kenith Aiyappa a Software Enthusiast with 7+ years of professional experience, currently working remotely as a consultant.

Love for computers gave me an interesting viewpoint to the world of programming. I see technology from design perspective and vice versa. Overall I love to design and develop from scratch.

Expertise: Building / Managing micro-teams and getting project done with very less timeframe.

Personal Info

[: I'm a coder, I write something that Computer Interprets :]

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What Can I Do


Work Experiences

2020 - PRESENT

Senior Data & ML Engineer at Saiva, Inc


- NLP on medical notes
- Worked on Airflow, AWS ECS as part of infrastructure
- Building ML models on Healthcare data
- Extensive usage of AWS services
- HIPAA Compliant Infrastructure built on AWS
- Feature Engineering, Feature Selection, EDA
- Worked on ML-flow

2019 - 2020

ML & Data Engineering consultant at Cura Technology


- Built batch processing system & created Data Lakes using S3
- Built a Data pipeline using Airflow, AWS Glue, PySpark
- Converted all Medical data into OMOP Common Data Model (Health care Std)
- Feature Engineering, Feature Selection, EDA
- ML Model Training using AWS SageMaker
- Built Medication prediction models for Diabetes Type 2 patients
- ML Model deployment pipleline
- Created Analytics Visualisation using Tableau, AWS Athena, AWS Glue Catalog

2016 - 2019

Full Stack Developer at Cura Technology


- Server side development using Python with Django framework.
- Micro-service using Python with Flask framework.
- IOS app development using swift.
- Auditing and logging framework using ELK Stack
- JQuery based front end web application.
- EMR integration using Mirth Tool (cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages)
- FHIR integration with Cerner Millennium
- Mpages integration with Cerner Millennium

2013 - 2016

Full Stack Developer at Enfini Technology Pvt Ltd


- Server side development using Python with Django framework.
- Hybrid Apps using JQuery Mobile (Cordova))
- Hybrid Apps using Ionic Framework (AngularJS)
- Android Native App development.
- Took full responsibility of deployment in AWS

Advisor at Node Technology Pvt Ltd


- Managed the Tech team
- Architected and built few software projects from the scratch
- Guiding the Tech team with right technology and best practices
- Handle code review & client Interactions

Engineering Manager at IIT Madras HTIC (Netrin)


- Built & Managed a Tech team
- Architected and managed the project from the scratch
- Guiding the Tech team with right technology and best practices
- Handled code review, scrum & business requirements



- Worked with several startups helping them in bootstraping and building first cut of their product
- I take care of end-to-end developement from requirement gathering to deployement (App hosting and Server deployement)
- https://tralgy.com/, http://www.icommute.in/, Schneider Electric are few companies with whom I have worked

My Education

2008 - 2012

B.E, Computer Science from VTU university

Development Skills

Few contributed companies & projects

Work Process

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I love to make new connections !

Thank you for your time.

Contact Information


  • Near Microwave tower,
  • Gonicoppal, 571213
  • Karnataka, India


  • me@k2a.in
  • T / +91 9902364871
  • kenith.777@gmail.com